Coached by a renown stock photographer in composition, lighting and equipment. Admirer of natural light and authentic moments. Creator of images that encapsulate feeling and immortalize memories. Inspired by the beauty in the small details of everyday life.

Creative Director

Manage everything from design, creative strategy, communication and art direction. Imaginative yet elegant approach to the craft. A keen eye for design and intuitive technical capability. Motivated by the challenge of creating outstanding visual art.

Image Retoucher

Worked with industry professionals for retouching and developing experience.  Adobe Photoshop Wizard with the ability to manipulate a photo from good to WOW. Colour correction, skin smoothing, blemish removal, deep-etching and more.


Hi, my name is Crystal. I am a passionate freelance photographer, image retoucher and creative director. Based in Cape Town.

Specialize in portraiture, lifestyle, nature and food photography. Have survived for just over a quarter of a century. Living my dream in every way possible, everyday.

Always in pursuit of new experiences and a sucker for an excuse to travel. Willing to go the extra mile (most likely through the bushes) to get the epic shot.

Lucky enough to be trained by an internationally recognized academy where I learned about photography and other important things. Like how to adult.

Seeker of knowledge and enthralled by the capabilities of the human mind. Adventurer to the core, no matter the weather. Barefoot wanderer and avid explorer. Nature enthusiast. Animal lover. Embrace the simple life through and through. Admittedly a bit of a perfectionist and proud of it.

SA Photographers

Verified Photographer